The End Times

An apocalyptic workplace comedy

In the post-apocalypse, a hodgepodge of hopefuls bands together to build a better civilization from scratch only to fall prey to the age-old follies of mankind.

"Picture The Office, but Scranton's constantly on the brink of annihilation and Michael's claimed divine power!" 

The End Is Near. Hey wait, don't be too bummed out. It's not so bad. Please, enjoy some soothing ukulele while I walk you through The End Times





Now that you're calm, I'm going to level with you -- we're all going to die. 


The End Times follows a community of social outcasts who wholeheartedly believe the end is upon them, each one pushed to the fringe by their own unique shortcomings, disappointments, and tragedies. 


They've banded together to face the coming Apocalypse, hand-in-hand, with the hope of coming out the other side intact and ready to usher in a new, better future. 


Brought together on a single's cruise in the Gulf of Mexico, they escaped tragedy in miraculous fashion, led by a floundering has-been entertainer, Barry Switzer. Naturally, he's immediately ordained as their divine leader. Anything less would be irresponsible. 


They fled to the shores of the Yucatan Peninsula, and here, tucked away in the middle of nowhere, they will start anew. The outside world, which has offered them nothing but pain and rejection, is their common enemy. But that's okay, because the end is definitely near. It has to be. Any day now...


The Doomsday prepping begins. Meanwhile, our outcasts start remaking themselves as the people they'd always hoped to be, and building their community in the image of the world they'd always hoped existed. As their "utopia" takes shape, however, it's soon apparent that this band of hopefuls is as susceptible to greed, hubris and corruption as your average man, perhaps even more so. 


And so we watch a community rise, fall, accidentally strike oil, rise even taller and then fall even harder, all while the "Doom-ed Land Beyond" -- that's how they refer to everything outside their community -- rides out its own reckoning on an even larger scale.


In the end, in spite of the endless folly of man, these people are really just looking for one thing -- a little bit of love before it all comes crashing down.