A feature script

A reclusive NYC street artist, living in harmony with his idiosyncratic and imaginary best friend, must fight for his sanity after his young daughter enters their world. 

" I'm not crazy, but my imaginary friend here has       a few issues he needs to work out."

Mike and Chester are two halves of a whole. Mike is withdrawn, Chester is vivacious. Mike is pensive, Chester is impulsive. Mike is real, Chester is imaginary.


While Mike is well aware of this critical fact, it doesn't make Chester any less real in his eyes. Chester is more than just a coping mechanism, he's Mike's best friend. They travel everywhere on a tandem bicycle, living each day in a bubble, the outside world reduced to little more than white noise.

Chester's energy is monopolized by his obsessive need to count, clean, and organize everything which with he comes in contact. Mike is a street artist, with fluorescent sand as his medium and the city pavement as his canvas. His work is singular, beautiful and executed with otherworldly precision. 

Mike wasn't always this way, however. When he withdrew from the world, he left behind a young wife and a newborn child. Years later, reality has found its way to his doorstep in the form of Ada, his daughter, now four-years-old. 

With Ada in the picture, the world that Mike and Chester have built for themselves is no longer tenable, and the cracks in their unholy alliance begin to show. Mike must either embrace fatherhood and push his imaginary friend out for good or 


Will Mike push his imaginary friend out of his life and embrace the reality of fatherhood, or will Ada be lured into the gravity of Mike's imagination?