Poster Boy

A feature script

A rugged pro-quarterback, an idol of the American heartland, is outed in the middle of a legacy-defining championship run. 

"Who are you talking to?"

"What if Tom Brady...

  was gay?"

Lonnie Morado is tall, strong, and confident. He has a square chin, a tight spiral, and an MVP award under his belt. Raised in Texas and playing QB for the Omaha Teamsters, he's the darling of the Heartland.


Lonnie may be a little dull off the field, but the moment he steps on to that gridiron, he comes to life. His personality could best be described as "football."

Playoff-bound with his teammates at his back and his  country pop-star fiancé at his side, it seems Lonnie Morado has the world by the balls. And then he accidentally makes love to a man on camera as it streams live across the Internet. Happens to the best of us.

Until now, Lonnie was so laser-focused on football that he managed to repress his true sexuality, not just from the public from himself. Before he's able to come to terms with this new reality, the usual suspects begin exerting their own influence on this highly-impressionable superstar. 


The manipulative agent wants to re-brand Lonnie in an aggressive and progressive fashion. The conniving backup QB wants his job. The ruthless billionaire wants to milk the publicity for all it's worth. The fans want his head, the media wants his soul, his oldest friend and current teammate wants the truth and poor Lonnie just wants to play football. 


Now after spending most of his life on autopilot, it's time for Lonnie to take the wheel. He must escape the clutches of those who wish to exploit him, steel himself against the criticism of those who try to tear him down, and reclaim his identity all in the heat of a playoff run.