Ghost Riot


An animated comedy pilot

A willfully-oblivious Detroit cop, determined to play it safe until retirement, has an awakening after a manipulative mayor pits the police against the supernatural population of the city. 

"It's a tale about xenophobia,

featuring an honest cop, a

crooked mayor, plenty of monsters and one very good dog."

Officer John Boone doesn't believe in ghosts, but he believes in justice. 

Boone has exactly 365 days left until he makes pension, and yes, he's counting. Unlike his brash partner, Ace Freemantle, Boone's not here to kick ass or to take names. As a single father, what's most important is that he makes it home, safe and sound, in order to tuck his daughter into bed. Once he makes pension, it'll all be smooth sailing. 'Til then, no need to rock the boat.

Then the boat gets rocked, hard, when Freemantle is killed in the line of duty. Worse yet, all signs point to a ghostly culprit. The fiery and charismatic Mayor Kahn puts the city on high alert -- monsters are knocking at the city gates. 


Don't believe in ghosts? Well then you're in respectable company because neither does John Boone. He's as pragmatic as he is stubborn, but Lt. Pole has just put him on the job and damn it, now he has to investigate. Just keep your head down and do your job, Boone, only 364 days to go.

Accompanied by his new partner, Richter, who happens to be a dog because the department doesn't have the budget for a human, Boone begrudgingly begins his investigation. Within long he begins to unearth an elaborate monstrous underworld: the Ghost Mafia, a network of sewer trolls, werewolves who keep leaving large, man-dog-sized dumps on the lawns of the well-to-do and a Machiavellian vampire who's infiltrated local politics. 


It's these monsters, claims Mayor Kahn, that are the source of all the city's problems. It's these monsters that we must all band together and fight. But as Boone continues to wade through this dark and devilish underworld, he finds that the issues are not so black and white. With every step forward, he puts himself in more danger. Will he turn back to safety, or forge ahead into the unknown with the hopes of creating a better future for the daughter he's so desperate to protect?