Apartment Story

A web series

A pair exceptionally mismatched roommates, drawn together by their beloved rent-controlled apartment, fall into love, hate and everything in between after sharing in each other's most intimate moments.  

"Funny how all my best and worst moments happen when no one's watching." 

"I can see you, you know."

This story begins when the jeans come off and the sweatpants come on. It's a story about the origin of that stain on the sofa, the strange sounds coming from behind the shower curtain and the disconcerting smell wafting from the fridge; a story about those most honest, vulnerable and singular moments that only happen behind drawn curtains and a deadlocked apartment door.  

Gayle and David, two jagged puzzle pieces struggling to find their fit in this world, have just one thing in common -- an attachment to their beloved rent-controlled apartment. As roommates they jostle over cupboard space and battle for custody of a house plant. They coach each other through traumatizing one-night-stands, vicious hangovers and relentless diarrhea. They witness each others triumphs and defeats without filters and as a result become hopelessly entwined.