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Top 10 (2020)

Launch Pad Feature Competition 

The Big Swindle

Endorsed Writer (2020)


Top 25 Screenwriters to Watch (2020)

Austin Film Festival

Fast Track Fellowship Top 50 (2020)

International Screenwriter's Association

The End Times, Tandem


Finalist (2020)

Cinestory TV Fellowship

The End Times


Best Comedy Feature Screenplay (2019)

Austin Film Festival 


Semifinalist (2019)

Nicholl Fellowship


Best Short Script (2018)

International Screenwriter's Association

Apartment Story

Best Pilot (2014)

Hoboken Film Festival

Today's Special

Official Selection (2014)

NYTV Festival, SeriesFest, Long Beach Indie

Today's Special


Greg made his comedy-writing debut in the 4th grade when his satire, "Little Beige Riding Hood," was printed in an anthology. Though the standards of the publisher -- his indie-progressive Upper West Side elementary school -- could be called into question, his piece did share a spread with an especially-good finger-painting, only adding to the prestige.

He began screenwriting while working as a bike messenger in his hometown of NYC. His first break arrived when his pilot script was produced, premiered at the New York TV Festival, then went on to win "Best Pilot" at the Hoboken International (2014). Since then, Greg has won "Best Comedy Feature Screenplay" at the Austin Film Festival (2019), "Best Short Script" at Table Read My Screenplay: Hollywood (2018), reached the TV Comedy finals in the Cinestory Fellowship (2020) and had 2 scripts included in the International Screenwriter's Association's "Top 50 Scripts of 2020." He was recently named in Austin's "Top 25 Screenwriter's to Watch in 2020."

Now based in Los Angeles, Greg traces his creative voice back to his beginnings: a middle child wedged between two big personalities, the son of two classical musicians, and the grandson of the extremely-local legend, Grandpa Saul - Slayer of the Sunday Crossword. Saul had a way of imbuing warmth and playfulness into every turn of phrase, which fostered a love of language in Greg from an early age. Back in the 50s, Saul, a Jewish immigrant seeking stability, turned down a screenwriting opportunity in favor of the steady work of teaching. Two generations later, Greg's free to pursue the path that Saul was not able to take thanks to the foundation laid before him.